The Westminster Larger Catechism (Q# 178) defines prayer as "an offering up of our desires unto God, (Ps 62:8) in the name of Christ, (John 16:23) by the help of His Spirit; (Rom 8:26) with confession of our sins, (Ps 32:5-6; Dan 9:4) and thankful acknowledgment of His mercies (Phil 4:6)."

The church offers several venues for prayer:

Online Prayer Requests

Prayer requests may be submitted by clicking on the Prayer Request menu on the homepage. All requests will be approved by the church office before publication. Under normal circumstances the prayer needs will be posted for 2 weeks and then removed.

Weekly Prayer Time

Pastors Doug & Dan meet on Wednesday at 4:30 PM for prayer, anyone is welcome to attend.

Saturday Prayer Group

Rich & Sheryl host a Saturday morning prayer group at their house starting at 7:30 AM. If you are interested please call the church for further details (860-379-4766).

Sunday Worship

During the Lord's Day worship our liturgy has several lead prayers, included Prayer of Invocation & Confession (to begin the service), Prayer of Dedication for Offertory Gifts and Prayer of Illumination (guidance before the sermon).

Also during Sunday worship there is the Pastoral Prayer which offers up the concerns of the congregation and concludes the Lord's Prayer. A pink prayer request slip is included in the Sunday bulletin which can be filled out and placed in the collection plate; the pastor then will pray about your concern during the Pastoral Prayer.

Call Pastor Doug

If you have a private concern and would like to pray with the Pastor, please give Pastor Doug a call at (860) 379-4766.