The Sacraments

The Second Congregational Church of Winsted, following historic Protestantism, believes in two sacraments, baptism and the Lord's Supper (also called communion).

Sacraments are worship ceremonies created and commanded by the Lord Jesus for His church which convey through physical signs (such as water, bread and wine) the divine promise of forgiveness through the good news of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19; 1Cor 11:24-25).

Baptism represents Christ's perfect once and for all death, and thus is given only once in the Christian's life (Rom 6:4; Col 2:11-12). The Lord's Supper represents the need to be constantly fed and encouraged by the good news of Jesus Christ and thus is taken throughout the Christian's life (1Cor 11:23-26; John 6:41-58).

Though the Sacraments themselves do not give salvation, and are of course not magical, they do point to the certainty of hope we have in Jesus Christ. They are primarily God speaking to us by visual aids (water, bread, and wine) to remind us of God's kindness to us and the assurance we have in Jesus Christ.

The church celebrates the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month during regularly scheduled worship starting at 10:00 AM (9:30 for July & August). Communion also is offered at the Maundy Thursday Service and on Easter Sunday. The practices open communion, so all those who confess the Triune God of the Bible and look to Christ alone for their salvation are welcome to the Lord's Table. Grape juice is used instead of wine to be sensitive to those who wrestle with alcoholism.

Being a federation of both the Congregational and Baptist Churches, the Second Congregational Church of Winsted affirms both traditions. We leave it up to each member's conscience as to whether they believe in "believer's baptism" (baptism is given only when some is old enough to have a public profession) or "infant baptism" (that not only new converts should receive baptism, but the infant children of believers also).

For more information about the Sacraments, see the Deacon's Policy Page.