Who We Are

The Second Congregational Church of Winsted is a traditional biblically focused Protestant church focused on the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ crucified and expounding of the Scriptures.

Though the church's origins go back to 1857, since 1957 we have been a federated church bringing together the Second Congregational Church and the First Baptist Church. Functionally, we are really one congregation with no division between the two and are much more Congregational in character than Baptist.

Starting in 2003 the church began a lay led debate about its future direction in whether it should be a biblically based church or embrace theological liberalism. After a few years of debate and conflict the church decided to follow a biblical direction. To this end it voted to leave the United Church of Christ and created a scripturally focused Statement of Faith.

Since 2007 the church has had two pastors, one full time and one part-time; both of them belong to the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC). The last two years have been a time of stability and harmony with a strong commitment to a Gospel focused ministry.

Currently the church averages about 115 at Sunday morning worship with around 30 children attending Sunday School and a Youth Group of about 10 which meets on Sunday night. We have a strong music ministry centered around our choir of about 20. Our worship is traditional, based on biblical expository preaching, the use of creeds, hymns and organ music.

The strength of the church is a strong commitment to biblical preaching and teaching, with numerous studies that occur throughout the week.