Confirmation Policy

Approved on April 9, 2008

Section I – Definition & Description

1)  Confirmation is not . . .

a)  Taught in the Bible and thus it is not binding on a Christian.

b)  A sacrament, nor related to the sacraments. It does not complete baptism nor is it how one gains access to the Lord’s Supper.

c)  Part of one’s justification (i.e. one’s right standing before God).

d)  A sign of membership in the universal church, which alone is the sacrament of Baptism.

e)  Graduation from Christian Education.

2)  Confirmation is (for this church). . .

a)  A time of special instruction for our youth in the Christian faith.

b)  An opportunity for the youth to affirm their faith in Christ.

c)  Preparation for the youth to become members in this local church.

d)  Note, the desire to complete the confirmation process is solely the choice of the youth, not their parents.

Section II – Administration

1)  Curriculum:

a)  Overview of the basics of the Bible and systematic theology.

b)  Overview of the history of the Christian church including the Protestant tradition.

c)  What it means to be a member in the Church of Christ, Baptist & Congregational.

d)  The basic requirements will include a testimonial/doctrine paper related to weekly homework assignments, prayer journal and weekly “ask the pastor” questions. There also might be the possibility for a retreat and a service project.

2)  Schedule:

a)  Follows the academic year, starting in September and ending in May/June. (roughly 28 classes)

b)  The Confirmation ceremony will be held on Pentecost.

c)  Meet once a week, usually for 1.5 hours.

3)  Requirements:

a)  Confirmands should be in their sophomore year (10th grade).

b)  The Diaconate will examine the youth and approve any candidate for Confirmation.

c)  Mentors will be chosen or assigned to each confirmand.

i)  Mentors will meet periodically with the confirmands, join in with special confirmation events and give assistance, aid and support throughout the process.

4)  Benefits:

a)  Upon confirmation the youth is considered a full member of the church.

i)  According to the By-Laws, they will not be a voting member until 18.